Clearing Sale:Saturday 21st March 9.30am Start.

37 Youngmans Rd, Boyneside, Via Kumbia Qld 4610.

A/c WJ&GM Dillon.

Farm machinery, equipment + sundries.

Catered. Bid Card Sysem, Photo ID required. Cash or chq. on the day. Signs will direct.

All inquiries Bill 0429645545

**Every effort has been made to make an accurate representation of the goods advertised. No liability or responsibility is accepted for the accuracy of content provided by a third party**


Trucks -

 Acco (unregistered)

Leader A8 306 Overlandew/CatMotor(farm rego)

Inter. D1910 Tipper,

Inter. Acco 1830A Tipper,


Inter. 5288 2 Wheel Drive w/3PL

Inter. 1086 Series B x2,

Inter. 826,

Steiger Cougar ST250 4 Wheel(motor just reconditioned)

Inter. Backhoe w/Bucket

Machinery & Equipment - 

Stevens Land Plane,

New Holland 353 Mixer Mill

Stolzenberg H5612 Peanut Thresher,

Stolzenberg S11 Peanut Thresher x 2,

Kew Peanut Thresher,

Peanut Cutters,

Eckart Chain 4 Row Peanut Pullers,

Salter 4 Row Tyre Peanut Pullers,

Peanut Fluffer,

4 Row Gyral Planter w/Covington Boxes,

John Deere 4 Row Planter w/seed&fert boxes,

Finger Harrows,

JD 5 Blade Switch Plough,

Bulk Lime Belt Spreader,

Napier Field Span Scarifier, 

Shera 14 Tyne Chisel Plough

Inter. 511  10 Run Direct Drill Combine (has 20 run frame trash clearance),

Thompson Grass Seeder,

Napier 28 Run Combine, 

Jib Crane

Midmount Scufflers,

Inter. 25 Tyne Scarifier

Inter. 35  28 Plate Offset

JS  29 Tyne Hydraulic Trash Worker

11 Leaf Foldup Harrows

Armstrong Holland Silt Scoop

Conveyor Belt

9" Mitze Auger 16HP B&S Motor

Hodge 5 Furrow Reversible Plow

Chamberlin One Way Plow,

Stick Rake

3PL  Vicon Rake

Lyco Post Driver w/2 Augers

Potato Digger

MF Curley Tyne Bar

Seed Grader

Page 12' Slasher

Spray Rig

6 Row Mason Deer Planter w/Fert Box

3PL Forks

4 Row Corn Front

JD Flex Front

New Holland Side Delivery Rake

Cane Rake 6 Row

Cane Rake 4 Row

Tyre Roller

Kuhn Optis 1000L Spray Rig

JD 8820 Header w/Staw Chopper

JD 7700 Header

Trash Spreader to suit JD7700

Fuel Tnaks,

Field Bin

V Bottom Bin 40-50T

Water Tanks

Fert & Seed Bin

Bulk Fert Bin x 2

Head Bale

Round Bale Feeders

Carry All

Go Devils

Cattle Grain Feeders

Scrap Steel

Davey Water Pumps

Qty. Sawn Timber

TD14A Dozer Spare Parts

Asst. Tynes & Discs

+ Sundries

Vintage Tractors & Rake


W9 MCcormick Deering Tractor

International B250 Tractor

Farmall M x 2

Farmall H w/Steel Wheels