• Bill,

Selling Cattle 2018

Hi, 2018 is going to an exciting year for our cattle producers in the South Burnett as a new era of selling begins at Coolabunia Sale yards with a new lessee of the the complex. As a passionate supporter of the Coolabunia sale yards this brings new challenges and decisions for us as producers and agents. As an Agent working in the industry the challenge is to provide the best opportunity for my clients to receive the best service and selling opportunities for their cattle. The coming weeks and months will see some changes. Change can be seen as a positive or negative. I will be talking to my clients and together we will negotiate the best possible options for the successful marketing and sale of their cattle. On a personel level I have the opportunity to make some decisions which will provide me with opportunities to help my clients and support my belief in the value of the Coolabunia sale yards.We hope the South Burnett Regional Council takes the opportunity to safe guard the future for our cattle producers in their decision making regarding the expectations for the new lessee. Please feel free to contact me regarding your cattle marketing requirements. Watch this space for future updates. Bill

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