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Christmas Crackers! That a wrap for 2023!

As we countdown to the holiday season we can reflect on the highs and lows of 2023.

Livestock: We certainly had some highs and lows! The market volatility had us scratching our heads and hoping for devine intervention. The galahs must have flown backwards, ants built their nests higher, mock orange bloomed, cactus bloomed - something happened! Some people got good rain, others are still waiting. (And all through the weather stations got it wrong many times!) The livestock market at years end has followed the pattern of good cattle selling to a reasonable market. We wish our cattle producers good seasons and good prices for 2024 and look forward to your continued support in 2024.

Clearing Sales: After setting up the Online Auctions we have left it in the very capable hands of Chris & Jess Simpkins. Bill is happy to pass on your information to Chris as they work closely together for the benefit of our local South Burnett vendors. Chris & Jess are Kumbia locals, building a future for their 2 girls.Onsite Auctions - we had the privilege of conducting 2 onsite auctions for clients this year. Bill's favourite form of auction; interacting with people! Today onsite auctions require quite a large number of items to be successful given the work involved, many people don't keep gear as long as they once did. Our modern farmers no longer have sheds full of gear! The online auctions often allow small lots of gear to be sold as required.

If your thinking of an auction in 2024 give Bill a call to discuss 0429 645545 Thanks to our vendors & the public who continue to support this side of our business. Bring on 2024!

Real Estate: Our co-agency Nutrien Harcourts has continued to grow with many new listings and sales throughout the year. The rural property market retained and grew in value as the urban housing market dipped and then grew again. Interest rate increases, seasonal conditions, banks and media all played a part in the merry-go-round which is Real Estate. Clients who appreciated the market and set realistic goals acheived good results. We welcomed some new faces to the district and to the cattle industry. We have been very proud of the good reviews received and appreciate the kind words spoken. We truly believe our values of genuine, traditional service and placing our clients first is still as important in todays busy world as it has always been.

We look forward to your continued support in 2024.

Community: The South Burnett and our communities remain important to us. We have been involved in a number of community projects this year assisting when & where we can. The mental health of our farmers and the support of our farming population remains of particular interest.

Merry Christmas and enjoy a few days of rest and relaxation if you get the opportunity. On a personal level we are looking forward to becoming Grandparents this Christmas season. The meaning of Christmas will be extra special for us this year!

Keep Calm & Carry On Bill & Sandra Steffensen

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