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Doom and gloom NOT

Are you sick of hearing the latest round of doom and gloom on the TV every night! It seems we need to hit the refresh button and look at some good news for a while.

Yes interest rates are going up. Good news for our older folks and for people trying to save hard to get into the property market.

Mortgage rates are going up, not so good if you bit off more than you could chew! Take a look at history, interest rates generally go up, up, up.

Property Market: owners willing to meet the market are moving their properties. Buyers are asking the right questions and the banks are the banks!

Cattle market: Good quality cattle are selling at reasonable rates. Not the previous unsustainable highs. The dry conditions are affecting market quality. We all hope for rain soon. Every day a day closer!

Clearing Sales: Nutrien Kingaroy have their bi-monthly Online Clearing Sale happening from the 25-28 August. A great time to help the cash flow and tidy the farm sheds. Get rid of that equipment your not using while it has some value.

Contact Bill 0429 645545 or Chris 0437 330 172 link to site for auction

Real Estate: If you would like to list your property please contact Bill 0429 645545 happy to have a chat.

Cattle: Bill is booking cattle to all areas as normal 0429 645545

Kingaroy celebrates "BaconFest" from 18-20th August. Take a drive and see what the beautiful South Burnett has to offer. Action packed program featuring all things bacon.

Have a great month. Keep calm and carry on. Bill & Sandra Steffensen

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