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June News

Clearing Sales: July 3, "Duffield", 10988 Chinchilla Wondai Rd., Kingaroy. See Clearing Sale page for full details. Outside vendors welcome. Contact Bill Steffensen 0429 645545

Livestock: Continued good prices. Numbers starting to reduce in yards. JBS ciber attack a setback which will be rectified soon we hope for all concerned. This month Nutrien Ag Solutions welcomed Chris Simpkins to the Kingaroy Nutrien Ag Solutions Livestock

team. Chris & Jess will be assisting with the processing of our Clearing Sales. Chris will assist Bill in the selling. We wish Chris & Jess all the best in their new venture. Chris is the local face for AuctionsPlus, all things livestock.

Bill continues to book livestock to local yards (Coolabunia & Murgon) and Dalby.

Tick inspections for his clients. June 21st new tick guidelines. Contact Bill 0429645545

Real Estate: Quite a few property inspections and inquiry for the month of May. If you are interested in listing your property contact Bill.

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