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May News

May drizzle may turn into more if the weather forecasts are correct! Our peanut farmers are hoping for a bit of fine weather to get the good crops harvested.

Clearing Sale: Online Only Clearing Sale Closing May 22nd This multi vendor clearing sale has a selection of farming equipment including tractors, hay making gear, chisel ploughs, combine, shearing stand, motor, pumps, hay feeder, vintage farming gear and vintage household including treadle sewing machines, crockery, furniture & various collectibles. An interesting lot of items is a complete vintage shoemakers workshop from shoe lasts to industrial sewing machine, supplies, crimpers , and more. Shoemaker for the government during the wars then a private shoemaker. Check it out on our Clearing Sale page. Online with We may have our first onsite clearing sale coming up in the near future. We will advertise when this is booked in. If your interested in hosting an on site clear sale please give Bill a call. 0429645545

Livestock: Numbers have decreased across the yards, prices eased for a couple of sales but appear to be back up again. Cattle to sell? Bill books cattle to Coolabunia, Murgon, Dalby. Private sales. Tick inspections for his clients as required. 0429645545

Real Estate: The level of inquiry has eased. The coming election always influences the real estate market as people wonder what changes may be in store. The interest rates are on the rise. Lots of scaremongering in the media. Today's borrowers only have to speak to their older folk to get a handle on what real interest rates look like. Nutrien Harcourts Kingaroy have welcomed a number of new people to the district in May. Off market sales continue. If you have a property you would like to sell without advertising phone Bill for a confidential chat. 0429645545

Check out some of the gear in our online clearing sale. Stay safe. Keep Calm & Carry On Bill & Sandra Steffensen

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