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November News

Welcoming rain for some of the district has been falling this week. More to come according to the weather reports.

Real Estate: Another busy month for our co-agency Nutrien Harcourts Kingaroy. Looking forward to our auction of the Alice Creek Aggregation on the 19th November. Thinking of selling now or in the future contact Bill for a confidential chat.

Livestock: The question on everyone's lips "how high can the prices go". Our crystal ball is looking cloudy. Who know's is probably the only answer we can say with some certainty! As always there has been some buyable cattle at different times. Enjoy now and prepare for later!

Thinking of buying or selling livestock Contact Bill 0429 645545 Accredited tick checks & supervised treatments for clients.

Clearing Sales: As we pivoted to live and online auctions with our "new normal regulations with Covid" we have been able to connect with a wider group of interested people. We have had bidders from NSW, Victoria and all parts of Qld. Our vendors have benefited from this wider access. Thinking of a Clearing Sale in 2022 contact Bill 0429645545

We look forward to the restrictions slowly being lifted in the near future.

As always stay safe. Stay alert not alarmed. Cheers Bill & Sandra Steffensen

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