October News

October has been a busy month. Getting our head around the new Co-Agency. Nutrien Harcourts Kingaroy is now up and running with 2 contracts currently underway. Currently inviting people to list their properties with us. Interest is high for properties meeting the market. We have received many congratulations on our new venture.

Our new motto may well be: "It is better to wear out than rust away!"

Cattle - Great results at the moment. Cattle numbers have decreased due to the weather conditions.Everyone is trying to guess when the bubble will break. The old saying "you can only sell once" remains true. Do you take the money and run or wait? All we can suggest is "don't take the weather forecasts as gospel". Make your decision and stick.Bill is still a Booking Agent and doing Tick Inspections.

Clearing Sales - We have no Clearing Sales booked but are happy to discuss how to best plan going forward with the ever changing Covid 19 conditions.

Auction: Property Auction, 24th October, 10am on site. This new subdivision off an existing property on Kingaroy/Cooyar Road is a great opportunity for entry into the rural market. With a bit of hard work this property would make a great investment to turn over.

Coolabunia Saleyards - The Council meeting this month will decide the fate of this site. It was very disappointing to read in the local paper that the Resolution to Tender the yards was changed to selling the land. This decision to sell a community asset should disturb all ratepayers. What next? New owners may keep operating the saleyards or close it down. Councils sometimes have to make tough decisions but it is always better when they keep the public informed and proper consultation takes place.

Stay safe, Be Alert Not Alarmed, Keep Calm & Carry On! We look forward to hearing all the rain fall totals for our "wet Spring". Till next time. Bill & Sandra

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