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Online Auction On Now!

Our online auction is happening right now. Have you registered? a/c Nugent Blackbutt. A great selection of vintage, antique furniture,collectibles,wind up gramophone with 78 records fishing,camping,gardening,woodwork, caravan,rideon mower, rotary hoe, crosscut saws, pit saw, railway spikes, electric kettles, cupboards with contents, shelving, electric tools (tagged).

Register and bid at read the instructions, follow the directions and you will find the process quite easy.

Our final viewing of goods will be Saturday 11th December 9-12 Noon, 48 George St Blackbutt. Bidding closes from 4pm Sunday the 12th of December. So take the time to have a look at the goods then start bidding. Bill Steffensen 0429645545

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