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Don't even think it!

Whispers of too much rain! Some folk can remember when the paddocks were dead, the dams empty and the skies clear. At the moment some folk are looking at the sky and thinking with dread not another creek crossing gone, looking for missing stock. Australia we are a land of extremes. What ever the weather, always remember "This to will pass"

Clearing Sales/Auctions: Our last online auction for used farm machinery & equip.for 2022 will commence on Monday 28th November and close on Wednesday 30th November. If you have gear to sell please contact Bill Steffensen 0429645545 or Chris Simpkins 0437 330 172 so we can take some photos, get details and start advertising. Online auctions for 2022 have proven very successful for our vendors who have good second hand farm gear and realistic reserve prices. A great way to clean out the sheds and have money for new gear! Win Win!

Buyers wishing to buy items Online please be aware of the conditions particularly for purchasing big items which may require finance. Finance must be pre-approved. No credit facilities with auctions, payment on invoice required. We always encourage buyers to inspect goods before bidding. There has been media attention lately of farmers being scammed when selling or buying farm goods advertised on the internet. We urge everyone to deal with reputable businesses. "If it looks to good to be true, it usually is" All goods sold through Nutrien Harcourts Kingaroy via Auction Exchange have been sighted and photos taken by our team and are listed for genuine sale. Ring Bill Steffensen 0429645545

Livestock: prices have remained high after a couple of slight corrections. Numbers at Dalby have been increasing. The current bout of bad weather has seen some vendors not being able to truck cattle out. Please check facebook to find out if smaller centres such as Coolabunia or Murgon have to change sale dates due to weather events. Ring Bill 0429645545 if you have cattle to sell.

Real Estate: Nutrien Harcourts Kingaroy had another busy month with a number of real estate contracts settling. Inquiry has settled to a more realistic level after the crazy months of Covid.

Genuine buyers and sellers continue to see properties change hands. As people get their head around the rising inflation rates and increased mortgage rates common sense kicks in and life goes on.

Keep calm & carry on! Cheers Bill & Sandra Steffensen

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